Chelsea fans react to David Luiz's smirk

Blues supporters in Singapore give their input regarding the incident that happened right after the defender was taken out by Rafael, who was subsequently sent off
Eddie Ridzwan, contributor for Singapore

"In all honesty, I believe the red card was justified. David Luiz may have gone in tough onto Rafael, but it was a legitimate challenge. If it wasn't, I'm pretty sure Sian Massey would have raised her flag for that! It was Rafael's reaction that should be the main point of the whole issue here. He lost his cool and reacted in a manner he shouldn't have.

Moving on to Luiz, I am pretty sure he did not 'dive'. All he did was merely lie down after getting kicked at and being jeered and ridiculed at by the United fans. His smirk or laughter was obviously brought upon by the nonsense being thrown at him by the United fans. If he had been play-acting, he would have been rolling around and taken a peek behind to see if Rafael had been sent off or not.

David Luiz has a unique personality, which led to a friend of mine saying: "One who knows David Luiz's personality well enough would know that he is almost physically incapable of doing anything other than laughing and smiling."

But in any case, laughter is often the best medicine and we should fake a smile, so people would not know how much we are hurting!"

Elizabeth Chong, student

"It is unfortunate that Luiz is misunderstood as a 'faker' or an 'actor' just because he laughed when he was pushed to the ground. United fans should get their facts right before doing all those mean name calling. They were the ones who were making fun of him in the first place which may have caused him to laugh. I am utterly disgusted at how so many people just jump to conclusions so that they have a joke to tell or an article to write. Even the Swansea ball-boy incident was unfair. Eden Hazard didn't actually kick him on purpose but everyone just assumed and assumed.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Fergie. Have you ever seen him complain after winning a match? Ok yes maybe, but only when his own players got fouled and stuff like that. He's constantly insulting everyone and blaming the referees for everything and he's best at jumping to conclusions. I mean I respect him for the fact that he's being a good coach for United but he needs to stop making a fuss over little bits of things and just accept the fact that he lost. But, fair play to the man and fair play to him for such an illustrious career!

, student

"Sir Alex Ferguson has accused David Luiz of rolling about like a dying swan when Chelsea won against Manchester United last Saturday, suggesting that it was Luiz’s reaction that caused Howard Webb to show a red card to Rafael.

However nobody knows what is right or who is right. Play-acting is something that should be punished but there should be no sympathy to Rafael too because he kicked out at Luiz with the ball long gone simply because United were losing and he could not shake his fellow Brazilian off the ball.

But, no matter what anyone's verdict of Luiz's actions are, it does not excuse Rafael's retaliation. There is no excuse for kicking out at an opponent with the ball gone and, even if everyone believe a yellow card would have been a fairer punishment, there's no denying Rafael has only himself to blame for the three-game suspension he will now serve.

It was stupid and it was indefensible. Yet criticism since the game from Ferguson and most other onlookers, has been focused on the player that was kicked. It's quite bizarre."