Goal.com Singapore Speakeasy: LionsXII are a waste of time

Our first edition of Speakeasy has fans talking about the LionsXII, SAFFC's new signing Kazuyuki Toda and the national team coaching position

Are the LionsXII a worthy venture? from Alan Tan, Singapore

In light of the news about Baihakki and Shahril being denied a chance to move to Bangkok Glass, it is questionable as to what the FAS is currently doing by sending the LionsXII into the MSL.

As the LionsXII embark on their second campaign, one can’t help but wonder what are the benefits of the squad competing in the MSL, especially when the Young Lions are doing the same in the S-League.

The Young Lions have always been about putting a young squad out so that the players are groomed to eventually represent other clubs, and Singapore. So why take the best of the under-23s, and place them in the LionsXII instead?
If football development is truly the goal, then why are our two best players of the Suzuki Cup tournaments forced to remain with the LionsXII when such a good opportunity to play in the technically superior Thailand’s league? Wouldn’t the duo benefit from playing in a league which is long regarded as one of the region’s best?

The whole scheme reeks of selfish desires, and questions what are the purposes of the FAS.

Stepping into the shoes of Cristiano Ronaldo.. from Come back to OT, Singapore

Given a choice, who else doesn’t want to be CR7 for a day? Chiselled looks, buffed  body, incredible scoring skills be it on and off the pitch.. However ironically, it seems the man himself is not happy.

A spectacular 2012 where he almost achieved all – you name it, he’ve done it - scoring 46 goals to end up as La Liga winner last season , scoring against every La Liga team along the way and single-handedly pushing Portugal all the way into the Euro 2012 last four,

However he is pipped once again – the fourth year running – by someone who only have a Copa Del Rey crown to boast about for the whole calendar.

Toda who? from Edd, Singapore

So we had our first marquee signing of the new S.League season, but Kazuyuki Toda who?

Oh okay, the guy with the red-haired Mohawk who played in the World Cup 2002, but what else?
Almost disappearing under the radar for the past few years where he plied his trade in the lower leagues of Japan and currently five years past thirty, in what ways can he possibly improve the state of Singapore football?

Moreover a man doing the dirty job in midfield will not bring crowds into our stadiums, we need someone who can turn on the style with his silky skills or prolific scoring – Naohiro Takahara, anyone?

Thank you Raddy from die-hard Lion, Singapore

With the departure of Radojko Avramovic, Singapore has undoubtedly lost one of their best-ever coaches in history. Three AFF Suzuki Cup triumphs speak for themselves; it is an unprecedented feat, and the recent win in the 2012 edition was especially sweet, given the number of doubters and critics.

He may be faulted for seemingly always choosing the same old players and not getting the Lions to progress further in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers, but the fact is that the Raddy has brought us the closest to those competitions than we have ever been.

The Serbian has given sterling service throughout his nine-year tenure, moulding the team into the best in the Asean region and leaves the next coach with a solid platform to build on. For that, we sincerely wish him all the best in the future. Thank you Raddy!

Just like the gun from Andy, Singapore

I read with interest Beretta's bid to be Singapore's next national coach. At first I was cynical, because he had a long record of not staying very long and getting sacked. But once I got past that, I realised he might just be the man for us.

Realistically we may never afford someone like Hiddink, who would also never be interested in coaching us. What we need is someone who has been through the tough times and worked with very little resources. Also, the Italians are one of the best coaches in the world. Even Japan has an Italian coach. For those who are still focused on his past sackings, they must remember that Italian clubs sack coaches all the time.

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