Fan Speak: The road to the summit of Mount Premiership

As we approach the business end of the Barclays Premier League 2012/2013 season, a familiar face sits at the summit of Mount Premiership.
By Rasheed Abu Bakar

Over the years, conquerors of the treacherous Mount Premiership have had to navigate through difficult terrain and weather unpredictable storms to pitch their flag at the peak.

Now, with a pitchfork in hand, a Red Devil stands tall as he casts an evil eye to his nearest nemeses. The clouds above the mountain are all too familiar with this sight but one would be naive to say the Red Devil can rest easy.

Seven steps below, a familiar foe lies in wait - the Golden Eagle. Backed by a wealthy Arab and managed by a shrewd Italian, the Eagle has soared from oblivion in recent years and the past year saw an entertaining showdown with the Red Devil, with the latter delivering a final blow when everyone thought it was all over. A diminutive Argentinean, one of the Golden Eagle’s strongest soldiers, stabbed the Red Devil right at the end of an epic last battle.

Eleven points away from the Red Devil, the Blue Lion sits licking its wounds from ferocious battles not too long ago. Similar to Mufasa, the king of the jungle in the 1994 Walt Disney hit The Lion King; the Blue Lion was once a feared beast. Its wealth and technical style of attack would kill opponents off ; however, after a few lackluster performances and a change in guard, it finds itself in this precarious position with no one else to blame.

Interestingly enough, a Cockerel has crept up unnoticed just two points behind the blue lion. Managed by a young and suave Portuguese, who used to call the Blue Lion home, it has complemented an average squad with some new recruits. Only time will tell if these new recruits can propel the cockerel further up the mountain.

With a few battles left before a winner is revealed, many would expect the Red Devil to stay at the top fending off suitors for its current position. It is also very aware of the threat its nemeses pose and one silly slip can prove very costly.

There is even more impetus to battle and stay at the top as the prize will not only be another Premiership crown but it will also be the 20th title for the Red Devil.  Most importantly, it twists the knife deeper into the Devil’s arch-enemy, the Liver Bird from Liverpool.

A dead Liver Bird on the pitchfork of the Red Devil would mean more than any soul, such is the rivalry and excitement in the world we call The Barclays Premier League.