Fan Speak Manchester United: The perfect lover?

Red Devils supporter Rasheed muses about how the team act like the perfect lover during matches, where they seem to prefer the chasing game this season.
By Rasheed Abu Bakar

Once again, Manchester United had to come from behind to secure all three points against relegation-strugglers Reading at the Madejski Stadium.

I have become somewhat accustomed to United’s come-from-behind victories and Saturday night was no different. While the win was welcome, United’s charitable defence is something Sir Alex Ferguson will have to address.

The way United conceded goals from corners was shocking, and I’m still baffled by the choice of Anders Lindegaard in goal. The Dane is nowhere near David De Gea in my opinion, and it was frustrating to see him not commanding the box.

The fact that he stood behind Patrice Evra and Jason Roberts (before conceding the second goal) proved he still lacks experience - he should have told Evra to move away, and let the duel be between himself and Roberts. Goalkeepers are given more protection by referees and one slight nudge from Roberts would have resulted in a free-kick for United.

It’s really hard to describe the current United squad but the way United play these days reminds me of the cat-and-mouse game we all play when we start dating.

Correct me if I am wrong ladies, but the majority of you love to be chased, right? I have heard more than enough complaints from women who find their man/potential partner not playful enough, not risky enough, not attentive enough… Well, the current United squad do all that – and much more.

United love to playfully tease the opposition by allowing them to go ahead in games and give them the self-belief, power and confidence one has while in the driving seat. They concede goals unexpectedly and for some reason, prefer to chase games this season.

If Manchester United was a man, wouldn’t he be the perfect lover? He would allow you to wear the pants in the early parts of the courtship/relationship and because of the club’s never-say-die attitude, Manchester United will keep chasing you.

And when you have butterflies in your stomach from all that teasing and playful chasing, he will lean in for the deadly kiss and leave you with...nothing. So far, the lothario has left the ladies of Reading, Queens Park Rangers, Aston Villa, Fulham, Southampton, Stoke and Liverpool (my personal favourite) all wanting more.

Lovers or flings are usually a temporary fix for lonely hearts but at the end of the day, we all want a stable partner who will never toy with our feelings. Matters of the heart aside, United really need an immediate improvement for their visit to the Etihad next Sunday, where we must get at least a point to maintain the distance between us and City.