Fan Speak Chelsea: Problems, or full steam ahead?

Eric Yap hopes the draw with Swansea will not signal the start of a demise for the Blues after a decent start to the season, and that the return of Terry and Lampard will help.

Before you read the rest of this short piece, I would just like to interestingly point out that had we held on to Victor Moses’ first league goal and come away with three points, everything else below would be rendered inconsequential, overly-pessimistic and irrelevant.

It's funny how just one game can do all that, but let me explain why.


As the rain fell and rebounded enthusiastically onto the pitch at the Liberty Stadium, many Chelsea fans must have felt pain of a rheumatic nature. It was almost inevitable that Swansea eventually took advantage of rainy conditions and an insipid-looking Chelsea side for an equaliser that could spell a potentially downward run amidst a hectic playing period.

The name “Hernandez”, for the second time in a week, embodied that very familiar feeling. The end of autumn has always seemed to mark what was often a tragic run of results to derail a decent start to the season. We saw it with AVB, Ancelotti, and perhaps to a lesser extent, with Scolari.

The question now is not whether the squad can avoid falling into that self-fulfilling prophecy, but also if RDM can manage his resources efficiently. The Carling Cup win over Manchester United might have gone some way in exorcising some demons, but it has also unfortunately gone some way in destabilizing optimum energy levels required at one of the busiest stages of the season.

Upcoming matches against Shakhtar Donetsk, Liverpool, Juventus and Manchester City will decide whether we stay with the champions and United, or slip away downhill when the new year arrives.

Extra-Torres-tial Problem

Game after game, I attempt to find every possible reason to explain the sluggish ineffectiveness that has blighted this man. It is unfair to single him out because he was just one component of an uninspiring attack, but his play has gone beyond an arguably multi-dimensional playmaker-forward to unexpected and unexplainable.

It does not make sense to recall Romelu Lukaku in January because I firmly believe a full season at WBA will do him a wealth of good. But this means we need to solve the Torres equation as soon as possible, and not take him out of it.

Old Guard

The only bright spark we can count on during this trying period is the return of John Terry and Frank Lampard, both of whom will definitely add experience and fight into the side. It has been strange watching the Blues play without the pair; while we eventually have to move on without these two spirited lions, the lack of organisation, calm, and, most importantly leadership, has been plainly evident.

I looked around the line-up and I could not find other alternatives. Brilliant as Petr Cech has been, he just does not have it in him to motivate the charges. The same goes for Ashley Cole.

We will soon need to find a suitable candidate amongst the current squad to progressively take over the Captain’s armband.