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Nike ‘The Chance’ Singapore came to an end on Sunday as five players were selected to represent Singapore in the regional finals which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia

After months of scouting and an intense selection process, Nazirul Islam Bin Abdul Razak, Sim Li Ming, Faris Bin Ramli, Randy Pay Zhan Hao and Afiq Bin Mat Noor were the five footballers selected by Head Coach V.Sundramoorthy and Coach Aide Iskandar at the Country Finals.

The only defender to be selected by Singapore for the regional finals, Sim Li Ming, 23, formerly of Hougang United, was looking forward to the regional finals as he was keen to compete against footballers from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

He felt that players from those countries were very competitive when it coame to sports, especially football.

“I think that I am able to compete with them in terms of the physical and toughness aspect of it,” explained Sim.

“I consider myself lucky as most coaches would usually focus on the attacking player in the team. I manage to show the coaches something and I think there is something special in me for them to pick me.”

The group of 20 Asian finalists will spend three days training under Southeast Asia’s top youth coaches and will undergo fitness training sessions by Paul Winsper of Nike SPARQ, a training and conditioning system that helps build better athletes. Players will have access to pro-level facilities, products and services, and undergo the top level of Elite Training Live testing.