Vilanova: I expected more from Guardiola

The Barcelona coach reveals his disappointment at how little his former Camp Nou colleague visited him while he was recovering from a cancer relapse in New York
Tito Vilanova has taken a swipe at Pep Guardiola, claiming that he "expected more" from him during his recovery from surgery last season.

The Barcelona boss underwent treatment in New York for a cancer relapse towards the end of 2012 and, although Guardiola visited him during his time in America, the 44-year-old has revealed that he did not see his former Blaugrana colleague in the months after his surgery.

"When I was in New York, Pep visited me for two days," Vilanova told a press conference on Tuesday.

"He is my friend and I need him close to me. But after the surgery and duirng the two months recovery period he did not visit me any more. I expected more from him. He acts like that.

"Anyway, let's talk about Barcelona."

Vilanova's illness has proved a source of tension between Barcelona and the current Bayern Munich boss this summer.

Earlier in July, Guardiola accused Blaugrana president Sandro Rosell of using his old No.2's health problems to undermine him, prompting the club to hit back at the former Camp Nou favourite.