Calderon: Mourinho set for Paris Saint-Germain

The former Los Blancos president feels that Mourinho's attitude has led to disharmony in the dressing room and blamed Florentino Perez for bringing him to the club
Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon believes coach Jose Mourinho will leave the club and take up a post at Paris Saint-Germain.

The 61-year-old believes that the confrontational management style of the former Chelsea trainer has been the main reason for Los Blancos' poor results this season and doubts the claims of the Portuguese that he wants to stay at Santiago Bernabeu.

"Real Madrid have a problem with Jose Mourinho's attitude," he told talkSPORT.

"We are not used to a coach who complains about referees, Uefa and injuries. It's something I don't like. We are used to talking about what's happening on the field.

"It seems he's going to leave and it looks like he's off to Paris Saint-Germain. He says he's going to stay but I don't think so. Things have gone too far and Real Madrid are not willing to accept any more of his behaviour.

"Some of the players, mainly the Spanish stars, are not happy with this sort of behaviour. They are not used to it. They don't like the attitude."

Calderon continued to criticise Mourinho, and blamed current president Florention Perez for hiring the 50-year-old despite knowing what his personality was like.

"I have always said it is the president's fault. Jose Mourinho isn't cheating anyone. He hasn't changed how he is, he's always behaved like that. Wherever he's been he's acted in the same way. When Perez signed him he knew what he was getting.

"When I signed Cristiano Ronaldo I was dealing with Jorge Mendes, who is an agent for them both, and he kept talking to me about the prospect of signing Mourinho. I thought the same then as I do now, in the history of Real Madrid we've never seen a coach act like Mourinho does."