Barcelona will remain in La Liga even if Catalunya becomes independent, says Rosell

The president of the Catalan giants insists his club will continue to play in the top tier of Spanish football even in the event of the region becoming a fully autonomous state
Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is 'convinced' that his club will continue to participate in Spain's La Liga even if Catalunya becomes independent from the rest of the country.

This week has seen massive demonstrations in the streets of Barcelona with, according to The Guardian, up to 1.5 million marching in support of Catalunya's push for independence and inevitably it has sparked questions as to what it will mean for the 2011 Champions League winners.

Rosell, however, has no doubt that Barcelona will continue playing in the Primera Division, likening the situation to Monaco in France.

"If Catalunya becomes independent, it would make no difference. We would keep on playing in the Spanish league just like Monaco in France continues to play in Ligue, despite being a separate state. I am convinced of this," Rosell was quoted by Sport.

The president also went on to assure that his club's rivalry with Real Madrid would remain intact, in any event.

"Even in the situation of an independent Catalunya, we would continue to play Real Madrid, just like always."