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The Bayern Munich CEO has taken a dislike to the unsavoury relationship between the two Spanish clubs, as he insists that despite their rivalry, his team respect Dortmund

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has hit out at Real Madrid and Barcelona for their perceived lack of respect for one another, and added that he does not want his club to share a similar rivalry with Borussia Dortmund.

Recent meetings between two Spanish outfits have been more remembered for the controversy that has occurred on the pitch than for the football itself, while both clubs continue to direct verbal attacks at each other off the field.

Rummenigge has acknowledged the fiery relationship fostered by the Blancos and the Blaugrana, and is determined to keep the rivalry between Bayern and Dortmund civilised.

"We should not go as far as they do in Spain, that's something I do not like," Rummenigge told Bild.

Look at Real Madrid and Barcelona, they treat each other with no respect anymore."