Zamparini slams Fifa's use of extra officials and technology

The outspoken chief believes it's a "waste of money" for the governing body to implement both methods, and says that the use of two goal-line technology is business-orientated
Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini has stated that Fifa's latest decision to implement goal-line technology and retain the use of fifth officials is "rubbish" and a waste of money.

The sport’s governing body has revealed that added officials will be used to make judgements on whether the ball has crossed the line, with computer and camera systems also being deployed simultaneously.

The outspoken Palermo chief feels that using both methods is a contradiction and a waste of money.

“It’s rubbish. They are here only to spend more money and not to determine results in terms of better regulation of the game,” he told ANSA.

“It would be enough to establish an electronic system. Football is, unfortunately, like this. It’s a business.

“It’s not the case that things improve by increasing the number of referees. It’s just a waste of money,” he concluded.