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Malaysia Cup to pay tribute to MH370, MH 17 & Gaza

Malaysia Cup to pay tribute to MH370, MH 17 & Gaza

The FAM will conduct a one minute silence before each Malaysia Cup match this Wednesday to honor the lives lost due to tragedies MH370, MH17 and Gaza

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The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) will implement "a minute of silence” before the start of each Malaysia Cup match this Wednesday, to honour the loss of innocent lives on Malaysian Airlines flights MH17 and MH370, as well the suffering that is currently happening in Gaza.

The recent airline tragedies that shook the country, and many parts of the world, have affected many lives. In addition, Israel's continued attack on Gaza which has caused more than 1000 deaths so far, has received the attention of many organisations and people from around the globe, including the FAM.

Flight MH370 went missing from the radar last March while flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine last month.

Through the statement on their official Facebook page, the FAM have requested that players, supporters and officials remain standing after the end of the national anthem Negaraku for the one minute silence.

The highly anticipated Malaysia Cup tournament will kick off on Wednesday evening, with Pahang looking to defend their trophy against other contenders such as MSL winners Johor, Selangor, Terengganu and last year’s finalists Kelantan.