Four Malaysian fans jailed for Jalan Besar Stadium scuffle

Three men and a woman, all fans of Malaysian club Johor Darul Takzim, were arrested for disorderly behaviour and have been jailed for aggravating factors
Four Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) fans were sentenced to a week in jail after being found guilty of disorderly behaviour outside Jalan Besar Stadium where the Malaysian Super League match between JDT and LionsXII was taking place.

Although a fine is usually meted in such circumstances, the prosecution pushed for a jail term due to aggravating factors.

ChannelNews Asia reported that Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai had drawn comparisons with the Little India riots of December 2013, poiting out that “attacks could have been made on persons on the basis of nationality” and that the disorderly behaviour went on for 30 minutes, showing a clear sign of disobedience towards police instructions.

DPP Lai also noted that with the new Sports Hub opening later this year, a jail term would serve as an effective warning against football hooliganism.

The four, comprising three men and a woman, are all Malaysians. Roslina Mohd Bakri, Raja Abdul Hadi Raja Rozhan both, Norkhaizan Jelani and Haridass Manorahan were all arrested on May 20 after a scuffle with the Police outside Jalan Besar Stadium.

They had been unhappy at not being let into the stadium despite having tickets for the ongoing match. Football Association of Singpaore (FAS) later clarified that a group of JDT fans had bought tickets intended for home supporters and it was a breach of security to allow them access into the stadium to be seated together with LionsXII fans.

A fifth man who was also arrested on May 20, Malaysian Mohamed Kamil Kamal Basha, has disputed facts pertaining to the case and will have a pre-trial on June 9.

JDT fans have been involved in a number of high profile run-ins with authority, with a clash against visiting Pahang fans in early May, resulting in a long stand-off with local police.