Poll: Who is the top Southeast Asia Rising Star?

With the end of our series spotlighting the best talents in the region, we now get the readers to pick their favourite player among the select group of 20
Goal's Top 20 Southeast Asian Rising Stars series came to an end yesterday with Indonesia's Evan Dimas the last entry in our 20-day long series.

The final list was represented by players from every nation under the AFF with Singapore and Indonesia providing three players each, the most by any country.

This group of 20, highlighted by Goal as the elite, will likely lead the next generation of superstars in the region, and all are under the age of 21, with the youngest just 15 years of age.

Now we would like you, our readers, to decide on who amongst this select group of 20, is the best player in the region.

Let us know in our poll and comments section!

Our complete list of players can be found here : Goal's Top 20 Southeast Asian Rising Stars