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The H-TWO-O Ultimate Women’s Dream Team 2013 has been created to unearth female youth talent and raise the profile of women’s football in Singapore

Women’s football in Singapore has been given a huge boost after the H-TWO-O Ultimate Women’s Dream Team 2013 was launched on Monday evening at ITE College Central.

With the main purpose of unearthing female youth soccer talent in Singapore, the Dream Team will be involved in a newly-formed Girls’ category of the annual H-TWO-O Ultimate Champions League tournament.

Since 2010, the H-TWO-O Ultimate Champions League has been an annual collaboration between Yeo’s and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to provide a platform for students from secondary schools, polytechnics and ITE to showcase their footballing prowess as well as fostering closer ties among the youths from different ethnic groups.

This year’s expansion to encompass the Girls’ category will foster an inclusive football community that is conducive for both men and women.

The tournament will provide a platform for young female football enthusiasts to develop their football skills and ultimately enable them to realise their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

Sharda Parvin Bte Abdul Latiff, a third year psychology student in Nanyang Technological University and a former ITE graduate, is excited about the formation of the H-TWO-O Ultimate Women’s Dream Team.

“It is a boost to women’s football as we know how the Boys’ Dream Team have played their way into S.League clubs,” Sharda said.

“With a team of experienced coaches and world class facilities at the ITE, we have the right formula for success.”

The The H-TWO-O Ultimate Women’s Dream Team will be coached by ex-international player Selva Kumar, while Singapore’s most decorated footballer Fandi Ahmad will assume the role of advisor to the team.

Inspired by the huge success of the male team, the prospect of unearthing female football gems is something that Fandi is really looking forward to.

“This is our third year with the dream team; the first batch and second batch was a huge success,” Fandi said as he recounted the success of the male counterparts.

“Most of them (the male players) are playing in the Prime League, some [are] even in the S.League already [and] one or two are in the [Courts] Young Lions.”

Fandi is hoping for a similar impact with the female team.

“It’s not only a hobby for them [the girls],” Fandi said.

“Hopefully all the colleges [and] schools will try to get into this competition so that we can get more teams and so we can unearth new talents to develop football for girls.”

The H-TWO-O Ultimate Women’s Dream Team has undergone five months of intensive training, which included fitness training, skills training and nutritional awareness. The team has also played against local men's and women’s teams on a periodic basis to prepare them for the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Women’s Challenge Cup 2013, which is scheduled to begin in two weeks’ time.