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Singapore football has arguably been largely dominated by the Malay population in recent times and our readers think there is a need to tap into other races

Football Association of Singapore president Zainudin Nordin recently stirred opinions and sparked heated debate when he commented in a recent interview that Singapore football needs involvement from all races, given that the current football community is largely made up of Malay players.

“Firstly, I’m proud of the Malay community for their talent in football to be successful,” he said. 

“But if we want our nation to succeed, we need more talent regardless of race so that we can choose the best of the lot. 

“We must give an opportunity to everyone and we must use the system of meritocracy to see who deserves it most. We must also find new ways to pull all races, not just any one [race]; even foreigners who become local should be considered."

In our subsequent poll, 48.4% of Goal Singapore readers voted that local football is indeed affected by a lack of participation from all races. These people believe that the game here needs to tap more into the local population and take advantage of the talent from other races.

But an almost equal percentage of readers think that the lack of racial participation is not such a pressing issue, with 44.7% believing that there are bigger problems hindering our progress than that. With the Lions' recent losses to Oman, China and Hong Kong, they may be right.

Only the minority of 6.9% outrightly think that the current crop are the best regardless of race.

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