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After beating Laos 1-0, the Singapore coach was satisfied with the win but felt that the Lions could have done better should they have possessed better match fitness

Singapore head coach Bernd Stange did not mince his words when asked to assess his team’s limp 1-0 performance against Laos on Thursday night.

“It wasn’t good enough,” Stange told the press at the post-match conference.

Despite playing well in the first-half, Stange was insistent the performance was disappointing as the players lacked the match fitness to maintain their level of performance and grab a second goal.

“I am very pleased with the first 30 minutes, we created chances, won [challenges] in the second and third,” Stange stressed.

“[But] we cannot keep [our match fitness for playing] this kind of football for a very long time, and that’s the only thing I have to criticise.

“I was not so happy that we could not score the second goal, if we scored the second goal we are free and we can risk something; we can play a combination of football.”

However he continued that there were still positive to be taken from the game, especially with the youth players getting a run out and gaining playing time.

“We got what we wanted: we beat a team which is playing on our level, and you can count nine, ten SEA Games players on the pitch, which is exactly what we wanted,” Stange said.

Stange’s counterpart Laos coach Kokichi Kimura was gracious in defeat and gave praise to the Lions for the performance, adding that their new style of football was a refreshing change from the past.

 “Singapore played very good, their style has changed from last year’s [Suzuki Cup] into a passing game. Last year they played with higher [upfield] players.”