Zainudin claims new media makes his job difficult

With the emergence of alternative media giving rise to more outlets for the public to air their views, the FAS president said it all has an impact on his job

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) president Zainudin Nordin believes that new media is a factor in increasing pressure from the public, and it makes his job harder.

Far from being someone thrust into the job at FAS, Zainudin has had an affiliation with football for as long as he can remember.

“My father was into soccer and I got involved in soccer from primary school all the way to university,” he explained to Mediacorp's Suria channel in an interview recently.

“When I got back to Singapore, I played in the Cosmopolitan League and the amateur leagues. I played with a French team for five years.”

Having been involved in the sport from young before being with the FAS, Zainudin believes the rise of new media in recent times has made his job difficult.

“Football is the number one sport in Singapore - if you win, you get praised; if you lose, you get criticised,” Zainudin said.

“With new media, it is more difficult for me. Not like last time, where you just read the papers.”

Citing examples of criticism, Zainudin went on about how he has come to view it as simply a part of his job.

“I’ve received both positive and negative criticism,” he continued.

“The bad ones would think I’m not suitable for the job and would ask me to leave. Some would say it would be better if we chose other people.

“But there are people who give their support. It’s part and parcel of my role as president of FAS. I do not see it as personal criticism.

"Our fans are passionate in football. We must understand the fans, they will criticize, but they will support too. Their support is important.”