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In an effort to boost public awareness and encourage more people to register themselves as donors, three players from the S.League side turned up at Marathon Madness

Members of the Court Young Lions made an appearance at Marathon Madness in order to show their support for the bone marrow donor programme.

Just weeks after S.League footballer Adrian Dhanaraj’s passing due to lymphoma, the footballers made an effort to spread the word about bone marrow donation programmes such as Marathon Madness.

Marathon Madness is an event where "Ah Siao", a marathon runner whose real name is Gerrard Lim, will run two marathons totalling 84km in two days to attract the public’s attention and persuade them to sign up for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme.

The public is encouraged to either sign up as a donor and or join Ah Siao on the treadmill, with the distance covered by them deducted off Ah Siao’s total.

Joining them was Courts Young Lions players Raihan Rahman, Samuel Benjamin, Sherif El-Masri, Hanafi Ghazali and Emmeric Ong, who wanted to show their support for a great cause.

Following the presentation of a cheque to the Bone Marrow Donor Programme by Courts Singapore CEO Tim Luce, El-Masri and Ong then joined Ah Siao to mark the start of the marathon on the treadmill as the event kicked off.

“It’s all about a good cause after all and by signing up, we can save a life,” El-Masri said.

The Canadian winger also intended to request other of his squad members to sign up for the programme as well.

“They (the Young Lions players) are in Vietnam currently and when they return I will definitely ask them to sign up for the programme,” he said.