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The FAS President has refused to set a target for Stange to strive towards in terms of Fifa rankings but said that he'd be happy with progress

Three straight defeats, including a 6-1 crushing loss to China, has left Singapore languishing in 159th spot in the Fifa world rankings, and 29th in the AFC region.

With the likes of Palestine, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and even one-time minnows Maldives now ranked higher than Singapore, the Lions have not been spared the scrutiny, especially with new coach Bernd Stange following on from three-time AFF Suzuki Cup winner Radojko Avramovic.

Stange has stated that the way forward for Singapore football will be a change in style of play, something that he has admittedly struggled in recent games to establish. Football Association of Singapore President Zainudin Noordin, has now reiterated the German's views, speaking in a MediaCorp Suria Channel interview, as he explained that the improving play was vital to climbing the rankings.

"If we want to improve Fifa rankings, as well as AFC rankings, we must improve the way we play," he said on BICARA.

"One of the ways is with the new manager Bernd Stange. We will use his experience, new ways of thinking and idealogies. I feel it would make a positive change. I have confidence. If we want to move forward, we must use new players who are younger and can be guided using this new methodology we have."

However, Zainudin also noted that the Fifa ranking is imperfect and that Singapore need more opportunities for competitive friendlies.

"Ranking for Fifa is complex," he added when asked on the emphasis fans have placed on the rankings.

"We must give the national team a chance to play more games, and enter more competitions. This year there are more detailed programs. Stange will build a new team, play more and hope that that there would be positive changes, and then we might see changes in the ranking."

Stange, who has had stints in the Middle East, accomplished his most notable achievement during his stay 4-year stay with Belarus, bringing the small nation to its highest Fifa ranking.

"Stange's achievement with Belarus is something admirable," said Zainudin referencing the East German's record with the former Soviet state, before stopping short of issuing a target.

"He brought Belarus, a small country, to reach 30+ in the Fifa rankings. It is difficult to put a target. But we must remain positive. As long as we progress, I’ll be happy, and I hope the fans will be happy and support the national team."

Singapore next play Laos in a home friendly on October 10 at Jalan Besar Stadium before resuming their AFC Asian Cup qualifiers against Syria in another home tie five days later. Having lost both qualifying matches so far, 4-0 to Jordan in Amman, and 2-0 to Oman at home, the Lions need a win to resurrect their chances of qualifying for the Asian Cup in Australia in 2015.