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In collaboration with the Chelsea FC Soccer School Singapore, the Sauber F1 Team driver joined students in a kick-about and shared his experiences as a F1 Driver

You would never expect a Formula1 (F1) driver to be in a secondary school, much less  in a country where racing sports was relativelyforeign to most students.

But in Henderson Secondary School, Sauber F1 Team driver Esteban Gutierrez was interacting with the youths and having a good time with them.

Esteban was at the venue to show his support for youths with aspiring dreams to make it in professional football by attending the Dribble and Race event held by Chelsea FC and Sauber F1 team.

Held on Wednesday afternoon in the neighbourhood school, the racer provided pointers to the youths who had lofty aspirations of being professional sportsman.

“It’s always a great experience working with our partner Chelsea FC, F1 in Schools and the kids. It’s great to see how enthusiastic they are about racing and soccer,” Esteban said.

“You can see the hopes and determination some of the kids have. When I was younger I wanted to be a professional racing driver, so I hope I can be a role model.

“My career shows that you can accomplish your dreams if you put your mind to it. There are always opportunities and you should not be afraid to take them,” said Esteban.

Despite Esteban admitting he was not the best football player around, aside from the occasional leisure games he played when he was younger, the rookie driver proceeded to join in a kick-about with the youths at the Henderson Secondary School field.

Braving the stifling hot sun, Esteban was immediately challenged by the multitude of balls the kids sent flying in his direction without pause.

However, the 22-year-old smiled and good-humouredly received as many balls as he could, while scooping some balls at the Chelsea lion mascot, much to the delight of the Chelsea Academy participants.

Following which, Esteban became a goalkeeper and tried to keep out as many balls as possible from the kids mercilessly assaulting at goal.

 “Well it’s about coming here and having some funs with the kids,” the Mexican said.

“But to switch to football [from racing professionally]?”, Esteban said while laughing, “I wouldn’t be that confident.