Stange: I've never lost this badly before

The German coach felt that Singapore started well, but crumbled in the face of pressure to epitomise the sheer lack of quality in comparison to China

Singapore head coach Bernd Stange has praised China for their performance in the 6-1 drubbing of his side, but was left bewildered at how his team could play so badly.

“Firstly, congratulations to China,” Stange said at the post-match press conference in Tianjin after the friendly match.

"We were playing a game with a strong side, and it showed why there is a big distance between the two sides.

“We lost so early in the beginning. We could have a match with China in the first 30 minutes. Then China started to pressure and we could not catch the tempo in the game.

“Then China smashed us. In 133 games of my coaching career, I have never lost 6-1 and been beaten so badly."

Although Stange felt that it was the worst result he has suffered so far in his international coaching career, he was fairly surprised China were capable of playing attractive football.

“I think China deserved the match," the German said.

"They played some modern football, especially some one-touch passes in the second half. It made me feel surprised.”

However, Stange was quick to note that his squad had many youngsters, which he felt were inexperienced and thus unable to cope with China.

“Singapore is a young side, and we are still trying to adjust the squad for the Asian Cup Qualifiers,” he said.

“In this team, there are six players around 20 years old. For them, China is a team too strong. “