Sundram: Singapore looking to win IG Masters this year

The Dazzler is set to participate in the tournament for a second time and is looking to go one step further having lost in the final last year

Singapore legend V. Sundramoorthy has his sights set upon being champions at the IG Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013.

Despite a glittering career littered with silverware, with his most recent title being the Malaysian Super League title he coached the LionsXII to, the former Singapore international is not in the mood to relent.

After losing in last year’s grand final to the EPL All-Star side, Sundram has targeted being the overall champions of the indoor tournament this year.

“Last year nobody expected us to beat Liverpool and draw with Manchester United, you know?” he told Goal Singapore.

"Even though we lost to the All-Stars, we put out decent performances.

"The present team will be majority of the same players playing, and [though] no doubt the All-Stars have better players, it will be a challenge for us and we will try to win the tournament."

However, Sundram may not have his way as Ray Parlour, who will be joining the All-Star squad this year, is also looking to attain victory in the competition and warned that he would be competitive even he isn't as fit as when he was younger.

“Obviously you've got it up in your head so you know what you want to do, but your legs don’t run as well you used to,” the Arsenal legend chuckled.

“the IG Masters is a very exciting time for the players. You do miss football when you give up football. You really miss the competitive edge [and] playing, so it’s an opportunity to come back.

“When you get back, when you get that feeling, you got to be competitive; you want to win, that’s the most important thing you know. I used to be so disappointed after a game if we lost, it’s a nightmare.”

In addition to playing football competitively again, Parlour is also happy he can meet retired players who used to share the same passion.

“It’s really an exciting opportunity to come over and it’s good to see the other players as well," he explained.

"Everybody used to get on as footballers, so it's great to put your shirt back on and get out there and have a game."

Stephane Henchoz, who will be joining the Liverpool team this year, shared Parlour’s sentiments.

“Playing in the Masters is always great because it’s an opportunity to get back with the lads we used to play with, which you don’t see any more really so it’s only good fun for five, six days in a relaxed atmosphere!" the former Switzerland centreback said.

“Like when we used to play in pre-season it was really nothing but work, you only go to the hotel and not see anything. Now when we come back, we can go out, we can play golf, we can have a drink. That’s why players enjoy playing in this Masters.”  

The IG Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013 will be held on October 20 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and tickets will go on sale on August 15, Thursday.