Should the LionsXII have been mentioned in the National Day speech over the Singapore national team?

The 2013 Malaysian Super League Champions were named by PM Lee as an example of national sporting success but left out the Singapore national team, the AFF Champions
One team was crowned the champions of the Malaysian Super League, while another, was crowned the champions of the South East Asian region.

Both have had their claim to accolade and the limelight, the LionsXII lifted the Malaysian Super League title after almost 20 years while the Singapore Lions achieved an unprecedented fourth regional title when they claimed the 2012 AFF Championship in December.

But in his National Day speech, Primer Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave a mention to LionsXII for their success, but left out the Singapore Lions on their achivements as he named Sundramoorthy's boys as the sole examples of sporting success for the past year.

Some fans were quick to point out that it was unfair for the LionsXII to get a mention ahead of the national team as the latter had a record-breaking fourth regional title under their belt and it was incomparable to a domestic league success, even if it was historic.

The LionsXII were also added to the National Day celebrations as they made an appearance at the National Day Parade and were guests at the Istana the following day.

Do you think it was right for the LionsXII to be mentioned ahead of the national team? Let us know in our poll and comments section below.