Verdict out on League Cup incident after Jaguars and Young Lions game

Two players from the Queenstown-based side were allegedly involved in a confrontation with the father of opposing striker Fareez Farhan, but no punishments have been meted out

Tanjong Pagar United (TPUFC) defender Zahid Ahmad and Farhan, the father of Courts Young Lions player Fareez Farhan, were both reprimanded by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) for their behaviour in a confrontation after the League Cup encounter between both sides on June 6 at the Quuenstown Stadium. 

The Disciplinary Committee (DC) however found another Jaguars player, K. Vikraman, not guilty of his charge of allegedly throwing a water bottle and a punch at Farhan.

The post-match saga, which was blown up excessively by certain quarters, had resulted in the clubs submitting reports of the incident to FAS and a police report was also made. 

“Prior to the DC, both Zahid Ahmad, one of two TPUFC players involved in the confrontation, and Farhan were issued a stern warning by the FAS for their behavior in the confrontation," the FAS press release added.

“Farhan was further informed that a recurrence of such behaviour would result in a ban from all future S.League and FAS matches.” 

Speaking to Goal Singapore following the findings of the DC, Young Lions coach Aide Iskandar said that even though his players were not involved in the melee, he had told them to avoid such incidents in future.

“I have briefed the players to be at their best behaviour at all times,” said the former Lions skipper. 

Attempts to contact the Jaguars for their reaction to the incident remained futile as they did not respond, although a player from the Queenstown-based club agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. 

“Although I was not involved in the incident, I had seen what had taken place and am glad that no serious punishment was given to my teammates," he said.

“The club has spoken to us about this and we as professional players understand the need to be put on exemplary behaviour on and off the field.”