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The Singapore coach has bemoaned the poor state of fields here and hopes the problems can be resolved by next season

Singapore coach Bernd Stange has been busy preparing for his first competitive match against Oman in the Asian Cup qualifiers on August 14 at the Jalan Besar stadium.

But apart from the centralised training sessions this week, Stange has kept himself busy by meeting with the various stakeholders in Singapore to present his ideas for football in the country. 

“I am absolutely pleased with my stay in Singapore and highly motivated to do my job and I find fantastic people around me supportive," the German said.

“This Wednesday, I will meet all the coaches from the federation and we will analyse our way (proposed national football syllabus) and they have, for the last time, to say, 'No; this is not a good coach and we go another way.'             

“But if we confirm this Wednesday of our way, we will go this way together. I am very pleased till now that although I see difficulties, I see absolutely nothing where I think we can’t manage it."

Although the former Belarus coach has only been in Singapore for two months, he has been working behind the scenes to ensure a high standard of football fields for the clubs and national team to play at.

“I have said it so many times and we will find ways with the quality of pitches, and we will manage this problem soon," Stange asserted.

“I hope by the next S.League season we will find a way together with the [Singapore] Sports Council.” 

Stange also drew comparisons with the other sports training facilities in Singapore and hopes that football will be accorded the same treatment as the rest.

“We have world class athletes here in badminton and table tennis," he pointed out.

“All I want to see is whether there are scratches on the tables, or I will check the bandminton nets; are there holes or [do] they have international standard nets?

“If everything is of world class standard [for badminton and table tennis], then I ask the same for football.

“Please do it, help us and people that I have met till now, will help us, definitely.”