Atletico Madrid's schedule in Singapore

The Copa Del Rey winners are on a three-day whirlwind tour of the city-state and have a full schedule of events to look forward to
Tuesday, May 21
1000 Training (Jalan Besar Stadium).
1530 Clinic with 120 children
1700-1730 'Mass match' with 120 children
1730-1830 Games with selected participants.
1830 Players meet the Minister of Education of Singapore.

Wednesday, May 22
1030-1330 Visit to the city and shopping.
1100-1200 Seminar on training programs for youth and youth development, with the presence of José Luis Pérez Caminero and Carlos Aguilera.
1815 Departure of team to the stadium.
1820-1850 Exhibition Match (Celebrities vs Veterans).
2000 Kick-off.
2145 End of session.

Thursday, May 23
110 Departure to Barcelona
840 (Spanish time) Arrival in Barcelona.