Aide Iskandar: Our first win will come soon

The Courts Young Lions coach was positive his team would end their winless run in the near future, while Geylang International coach V. Kanan explained his side's cautious tactics
Despite losing all their 11 games in the 2013 Great Eastern-Yeo’s S-League so far, Courts Young Lions coach Aide Iskandar believes it is only a matter of time before his side get their first win.
The Young Lions remained rooted at the bottom of the table after a 1-0 defeat to Geylang International on Friday evening at Jalan Besar Stadium, thanks to a solitary goal by Wahyudi Wahid.
Speaking after the match, Aide remained philosophical and chose to take the positives out of the match.
“I felt we should at least got a point, but credit to Geylang International,” he stated.

“Moving forward, I’m taking the positives out of the match and I’m happy with how things are shaping up.
“Hopefully we can get our first win soon.”
Asked how worried he was after 11 straight losses, the former Singapore international insisted his team need time to develop and they will get their reward soon.
“I am not worried; we know we are building a pool of developing players and they will only get better,” he explained.
“Nothing is built within a day or even a month. We still need time, but I believe we will get our first win soon.”
Geylang were surprisingly sluggish in the first half of the bottom-of-table clash, but coach Vedhamuthu Kanan revealed that was the plan he had put in place.
 “We didn’t play well in the first half, but that was the plan - we wanted to let Young Lions play and then press them in the second half,” he said.
“We know they’ve got nothing to lose after losing all their first 10 games. So we took the game seriously and cautiously. We didn’t want to be the first team to concede points against them.”
Kanan also dismissed the probability of the Young Lions going winless through the rest of the season.
“I don’t think they will go winless,” he said. “They are actually not a bad team, only lacking an out-to-out striker to finish off their chances.”