Lions XII's Sundramoorthy accosted by fans outside of hotel

The Lions XII coach and players were verbally confronted by Selangor fans before Saturday night's match against the Red Giants
News have emerged that prior to Saturday night's match between Selangor and Lions XII at the Shah Alam Stadium, the Lions XII officials and players were aggressively confronted by a number of angry Selangor fans who had been waiting for them to embark on the team bus.

The brief confrontation was caught on film, the footage of which was succesfully obtained by The footage shows a group of Selangor fans approaching the bus as the team are walking towards it. However only one of them is heard speaking in the video, yelling to the players "I know that you're a match-fixing country", and he at one point in the video is seen standing right in front of the entrance to the bus. He then tells them to "play (football) fairly and don't get involved in match-fixing".

Just before the footage ends, Lions XII coach V. Sundramoorthy is seen walking next to the fan, who at that point had been kept at a somewhat safer distance from the transport by police presence. The fan finally leaves the team a parting warning, just before Sundramoorthy gets on the bus, "We are (the fans of) just one team. You have (the fans of) ten more teams to contend with after this!"Sundramoorthy is not seen responding verbally to the fan in the footage.

Later, when approached for a response to this incident right after the match, Sundramoorthy only said "I cannot comment on that" with a wry smile.

When approached by the day after the incident, a source close to the confronters claimed that they chose to do so because of several allegations.

The first is that Lions XII's inclusion in the MSL has brought along the scourge of match-fixing, which they claim to be a bane of Singaporean football that has also plagued the world. Secondly, they also claimed that the team's current position at the top of the league is only due to the influence of match-fixing. But they also added that far from putting the blame solely on Singaporean football, the blame is also partly shared by certain individuals in the FAM, whom they say are making financial profits individually from the Singaporean club's inclusion, and from 'protecting' the club's interests in the league.

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