LionsXII fans attacked in Shah Alam

Travelling fans were set upon by local fans who also tried to board the visiting team's bus to get to the players and officials
By Khalis Rifhan

On Saturday night, LionsXII fans were glued to the television screens as they watched their stars battle it out against Selangor FA at the Shah Alam stadium and earn a precious away point, enough to extend their lead to three points at the top of the Malaysian Super League (MSL) table. 

But unknown to many there was more than just a single battle happening on that night as both players and fans alike were treated to a rude encounter with Selangor fans.

Hours prior to the match, a LionsXII fan group via its FaceBook page posted the following from one of the players: "Ultras Selangor gathered outside hotel. When LionsXII wanted to board their bus, they wanted to create trouble. One of them even wanted to board the bus and pick a fight with us. Haters being haters." Singapore understands that nothing untowardly happened as the situation was handled swiftly by team officials and several of the player onboard the bus. 

But that was not the end as the home fans took their attention to the LionsXII faithful after their team failed to come away with maximum points from the game.

A fan who was present at the scene and speaking on condition of anonymity, told Singapore that they were shocked to find Selangor fans gathering and taunting them near the stadiums’ exit. 

“They were many of them but only several of them were being rowdy and started to approach the group when we were about to exit the stadium; punches and kicks were exchanged but it was soon over and no one was seriously injured,” said the fan

This is the first known crowd trouble faced by V.Sundramoorthy’s boys this year and the last time they met with such problems was a year ago when they were in Sarawak for an MSL match. 

LionsXII players were being kept in the Sarawak Stadium for precautionary measures while the travelling fans needed heavy security after unrest by the home fans at the end of the match between the Singapore side and Sarawak.

In June that year, fans from Singapore and Malaysia had to be separated by security personnel after physical confrontation broke out hours before the scheduled Causeway Challenge match between the two countries at the Jalan Besar stadium.


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