Lee Lim Saeng: I am definitely happy

The Home United coach was a happy man after watching his side come away with the win, while Harimau Muda 'B' coach Razip Ismail felt that his team could have played better
By Eddie Ridzwan

Home United collected three points from Pasir Gudang on a hot Saturday afternoon, after a penalty from Lee Kwan Woo settled their game against Harimau Muda in a 1-0 victory.

Speaking to the media after the match, coach Lee Lim Saeng could not hide his delight at the win.

"I am definitely happy with the three points," he proclaimed.

"Sometimes in football, you play well but you don't get three points. Of course today the result was in our favour, and I can't be anything but happy with it.

"It is the first time that we are playing here [in Pasir Gudang] and the weather and temperature was definitely a factor, especially against an energetic young side like Harimau Muda; they run a lot and close down fast."

The three points did however come at a cost, as striker Masato Fukui and Lee, both of whom are key players, were forcibly removed from the game due to injuries.

"Masato had a problem with his ankle and possibly knee, while Kwan Woo's hamstring will need to be checked upon,' Lee revealed.

"It will definitely be a headache for me for the next game as they are  important part of my plans.

"As you would notice, we did well in the first half but after the injuries came, we struggled and found it difficult to keep with our gameplan."

Meanwhile, Harimau Muda coach Razip Ismail was less than satisfied with the result.

"Performance-wise, I would say that our performance today was less than satisfactory," he admitted.

"We had many chances in the first half to score and even equalize, but unfortunately we failed to do so.

"In the second half, we struggled a bit especially since Home United started to sit back with a one-goal lead. It was difficult for us to penetrate their defence. Furthermore, our young players lack experience."

Razip had no issue with the spot-kick that was awarded against them, and hopes his side can bounce back stronger.

"The penalty against us was definitely justified, I don't have any doubts about it," he said.

"We had many chances in the second half to equalize. I also told the boys that there will be no room for mistakes and relaxation in the second half and that we needed to score.

"It is wasteful that we were not able to capitalize on our home ground advantage today. Next week will be tougher as we challenge in Singapore.

"However, it is important to learn from mistakes and work on our league position. It will be great if the boys can play as they did in the past three games before this."

Harimau Muda will next travel to Jalan Besar to play Hougang United on a Friday night 'Live' game, while Home will make the trip to Jalan Besar as well, to take on the Courts Young Lions.