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The Woodlands Wellington coach bemoaned his side's failure to take their chances, while his Geylang International counterpart Vedhamuthu Kanan rued refereeing decisions

By Khalis Rifhan

Thursday's S.League match between Woodlands Wellington and Geylang International ended in a goalless draw, with the hosts ruing their missed chances and the visitor left feeling hard done with the referee's decision in the match. 

Geylang coach Vedhamuthu Kanan felt that his side was the better of the two after the half time break, believing that they were unlucky to have been denied a goal in the opening minutes of the match.

“The first half was an even game but in the second half, we were the better team as we had more possession and created more chances," he said.

“During the first half I thought it was a goal as the ball had went in [it was cleared off the line by a defender] and in the second half, they said it was a handball by Stefan [Milojevic] and referee did not give the goal."

Kanan might have been disappointed at the decisions, but he could still afford to joke about it.

“The linesman had already waved play on [in the first half] and my boys did not want to protest as they are the soft type and will not retaliate or ‘fight’ and every time we get bullied!" he said while giving a wink to the media.

As for Rams coach Salim Moin, he cut a frustrated figure as he pointed out his players’ mistakes and hopes that they will learn from them and raise their performance in the next match.

“I was looking at three points, as in order for us to climb the table we have to win games like this and I told them that they have to be serious in terms of approaching the opponent whether they are from the bottom or top," he lamented.

“They were wasting chances and should have converted it into goals, especially in the first half, and we would have closed the chapter. Otherwise, if you allow them [the opponent] to come at you, they will [do so] and this is something I have told the team to buck up [on].”

While Salim was criticizing his players, Kanan was pleased with his team.

“Overall I am happy with them as they are playing better and the young boys have played so many games and you can see their defending is good now and I am happy with their performance," he remarked.

Salim also took offence to his side's reluctance to take shots in the final third, as they were literally finding ways to dribble the ball into the net.

“The team have this high level of confidence as they know that they been playing very well, so they thought that this game against Geylang will be very easy for them, but it proved to be otherwise and they have to wake up from this for the next match against Tampines Rovers," he said matter-of-factly.

“This is the problem with them and I have told them many times to take shots from outside the 18-yard box.

“I think they [have] watched too many of EPL [English Premier League], Serie A or La Liga, where players can walk into the box and score goals... so I am disappointed with them.”