Former schoolmates come together to raise funds for Singapore Cerebral Palsy football team

A mini-football tournament will be held as part of efforts to help with the team's expenses for an overseas competition in Austria later this year
By Teng Kiat

A five-a-side football tournament to raise funds for the Singapore Cerebral Palsy football team will be held in June this year, as part of efforts to defray expenses for participation in an upcoming overseas tournament.

Known as the Cikgu Sies Senan Charity Fun Cup, the idea of hosting the tournament came about after Coach Zainudeen, who is in charge of the team, approached former schoolmate Iskandar Wachi for fund-raising ideas.

The tournament is named in honor of Mr. Sies Senan, their former coach back in Jin Tai Secondary School, who will also be sponsoring the event.

There will be no prize money involved, as all funds raised will be collated and given to the team to help fund their involvement in a seven-a-side Football Development Tournament in Vienna, Austria.

To be held from August 27 to September 1 by the Austrian Disability Sports Federation (OBSV) in cooperation with the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA), the aim of the competition, as stated on the CPISRA website, is to provide a “perfect opportunity for developing nations to make their first international experiences with their programs, playing against teams of similar levels”. Singapore spoke to Iskandar, who explained why he wanted to help in organizing the tournament.

“I think it’s a good cause, and it is a good chance for these kids to have this kind of exposure [to an international competition, which will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them,” he said, adding that it would also serve as a reunion of sorts for his ex-schoolmates.

“Zai [Zainudeen] was the only one [amongst us] to have gone on to become a football coach! For us, as the alumni, it is just to have a good event for coach and a get-together for everyone.”

The Cikgu Sies Senan Charity Fun Cup will be held at Stadio@Fairway on June 2 at 8a.m, with a registration cost of $150.00 per team of seven, including two reserves. The organizers hope to have at least 24 teams signed up, and registration closes on May 11.

For more information, Iskandar can be reached at 96357239 and, while co-organizer Azmi Said can be contacted at 90253256/