Singapore businessman charged with corruption in AFC Cup Lebanese officials case

Following the charges laid on the officials who were set to officiate at the Tampines-East Bengal AFC Cup match, a Singaporeans has also been reined in
31-year-old Eric Ding Si Yang, a local businessman has been charged in connection to the match-fixing case involving Lebanese officials in the AFC Cup.

The trio of referee Ali Sabbagh and assistant referees Ali Eid and Abdallah Taleb have already been charged with one count of corruption each and Ding is now the fourth person to be linked to the case.

According to media reports, Ding is based in Bangkok, Thailand with business interests in Singapore.

Ding was also a featured 'tipster' with The New Paper until last year, ending a 6-year association with the publication.

According to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) Ding was charged with three counts of Corruption on Saturday for trying to fix a match by providing free sexual services to the Lebanese match officials. If found guilty he could be jailed for up to 5 years and fined a maximum of $US81,000.