Khalid Hamdaoui: Any team can win in S.League

The former Dutch U21 player believes Woodlands Wellington have what it takes to be amongst the big clubs in the S.League
By Khalis Rifhan

Four goals to his name thus far for Woodlands Wellington in the S.League this season, Khalid Hamdaoui has been making the headlines in the local media since his debut for the club against Warriors FC.

The former Netherlands U21 player, despite not fully recovered from flu, put on yet another brilliant display and scored a goal in their victory over Albirex Niigata (S) at Woodlands stadium on Tuesday. 

Although the victory may have come as a surprise to some, Hamdaoui had never doubted his team’s ability against any team in the league and praised the man between the posts and the tactical maestro of the team.

“We have a team that can win matches and the S.league is very interesting as teams can win over one another,” said Hamdaoui 

“For example, no one expected us to win and also last week, who would have thought that Warriors would lose to Balestier."

“The tactics from the coach, building up play patiently and his instruction helped us go through the 90 minutes and we created lots of chances, especially the first half," he added.

“Definitely it’s a good feeling to win and all the previous games, we always have a winning mentality and our goalkeeper Yazid Yasin was also at his best in this match [vs Albirex]"

While Khalid has been making waves in the local scene with his performance, the attacking midfielder did not make the cut to be registered as a marquee signing for the Rams. 

“I am more than happy to have that [marquee player tag]," he said.

"I played so many years in Europe and as a foreign player of course we can bring something extra but I am a bit disappointed not to get the marquee player [status].”

“I can get extra pay for it. But who knows, maybe next year?” said Hamdaoui with a grin.