A letter to Singapore from Adam Swandi

The 17-year-old Singapore starlet pens his thoughts before departing for France, where he will join FC Metz on a two-year contract

Dear Singapore,

I am both happy and proud to be a product of Singapore’s youth development system and I sincerely urge my fellow players to remain committed and disciplined and strive for success.

With our holistic youth development system and comprehensive programmes, coupled with the Football Development Fund, it is definitely possible for us to play in Europe one day. 

I sincerely hope that more companies will come and support local football through the Football Development Fund. There are many talented players in Singapore but we can only aspire to reach the top level of football if we have the support of our multi-national companies and corporations.

I really appreciate this invaluable opportunity and as an Ambassador for Singapore football, I assure the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), my parents and fans that I will work hard and do my best at FC Metz.

I will miss my family, friends and loved ones but Singapore will always be in my heart and I hope to bring pride to the nation. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express, once again, my sincere thanks and gratitude to FAS, especially President Zainudin Nordin and General Secretary Winston Lee, for their efforts not just in securing this opportunity for me, but also in supporting my two-year journey through the Football Development Fund.

I am also thankful to the Singapore Sports School, my family and relatives, coaches, team-mates, fans, media and well-wishers for their support all this while. 

I appreciate their words of encouragement as I embark on a new journey in France, and I hope that they will continue to support local football, including the S.League and other competitions organised for our age-group teams.

Goodbye, until we meet again. Au Revoir!

Best wishes,
Adam Swandi