Jaguars to forego winning jersey design

The Jaguars have backtracked on the decision to use the winning entry of a jersey design competition for the upcoming 2013 S.League season
THORB, the apparel sponsor for Tanjong Pagar United (TPUFC), will not be using the winning design of an online competition it held in conjuction with the club for their new jersey this season.

THORB founder Kristian Thorbjornsen posted an explanation on the company’s Facebook page and offered his apologies to the fans for not fulfilling their promises to manufacture the jerseys with the winning design.

“Unfortunately, in line with its intention to maintain the club's brand identity of its traditional red & white stripes, TPUFC has decided not to adopt the winning entry for the next season. In view of this, THORB is no longer able to produce the winning design as planned,” he stated.

“THORB would like to sincerely apologize to all entrants of the design competition and to all of you that had voted and commented.”

In subsequent replies to users' comments on the post, THORB also revealed that the change in decision came due tp a reshuffule in Tanjong Pagar's management, with the incumbent management deciding not to use the winning design as promised initially when the competition was held in September last year.

The online competition, which drew over 50 entries, had advertised that the winning entry would used as the new design of the club's jersey for the 2013 season.

After intense competition, Herdy Juma'at emerged victorious with his masterpiece and was promised his designs would be on the jersey of every Tanjong Pagar supporter who wore it.

Despite the promises made, Thorbjornsen revealed that the agreement between Tanjong Pagar and THORB were purely on a verbal basis as both parties had a great amount of trust in each other.

"Unfortunately, there was no agreement signed. Our working relationship with TPUFC has always been fluid and one that allowed both parties to exercise flexibility. There was a great amount of trust that both brand and club was working together for the betterment of each other," he said.

However, THORB still hopes to be able showcase Herdy's work, and that fans will continue to participate in similar events in the future.

"We truly believe that fans are the life of any sports community and without the support of fans, sports would merely be just another healthy activity," Thorbjornsen concluded.