Singapore Police aid Interpol in match-fixing scandal

The law enforcers of Singapore are currently assisting Interpol with investigations after Europol pointed fingers at several suspects currently residing in the city-state

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) are currently assisting Interpol in the investigations of a Singaporean reportedly involved in a match-fixing scam.

This came days after Europol revealed they had evidence that syndicates behind the match-fixing scandal that has rocked the global football scene were operating in Singapore.

A key syndicate identified so far is allegedly Singaporean Dan Tan Seet Eng, after an arrest warrent was issued by Italian authorities for his involvement in the rigging scheme.

"The authorities in Singapore are assisting the Italian authorities through Interpol in their investigations into an international match-fixing syndicate that purportedly involves a Singaporean, Dan Tan Seet Eng,” SPF told AFP in an email.

Despite being wanted by the Italian police force, no similar warrants have been issued in Singapore as yet.

Instead, the SPF has insisted that further information and concrete evidence would be needed before any lawful actions will be commenced by the local authorities.

"Syndicated match-fixing is a complex global problem that can only be effectively eradicated if all countries work together to combat the scourge," SPF said.

"This requires law enforcement agencies to proactively share information and intelligence so that concrete evidence can be gathered to support enforcement actions on the ground."