Member of Parliament Ellen Lee appointed Woodlands Wellington new advisor

The Sembawang GRC Member of Parliament was announced as the Rams' new advisor at the club's annual Fan Fare on Saturday afternoon
By Khalis Rifhan

Woodlands Wellington Football Club has announced that Member of Parliament (MP) Ellen Lee has been appointed as the the club's new advisor.

This was revealed following the unveiling of the Rams' squad for the upcoming 2013 S.League season at a press conference held at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Centre on Saturday afternoon.

The press conference was held in conjunction with its annual Fan Fare for their supporters, where residents had the opportunity to mingle with and get to know the players, while also engaging in juggling and mini-football games.

Lee, who is from the Sembawang GRC, spoke of the benefits which her constituents will gain from this co-operation with the club.

“Most of the constituency would have their respective sports clubs and it will be a good linkage, and [also] football is a game where you can play anywhere," she pointed out.

"How the skills come about in a real game - we do need these professionals to impart those skills. Usually the younger residents are thrilled to have these footballers in their midst, playing and interacting with them.

“In fact, I have just offered to them [Woodlands] that once the fixtures are known, they can give us a few copies of it and we will help them to display it at the Community Club, as well [as at] our various noticeboards in the estate."

With the grassroots lending a hand in raising the club's profile, Lee also hopes that they will ctively participate in activities held by the constituency.

“Previously, they have made some effort organizing the kids’ soccer courses and I think this time round with our Lions lifting the cup, it has generated a lot of interest for football among the residents," she explained.

"So I think it is also timely for them to come in now and say that they want greater enforcement. So far, we have been rallying the residents to attend the home matches but I think they will also have to come in and interact with the residents.

"At least [in this way], the fans themselves can relate who are they supporting and the players in the team."

Even though results have not gone their way throughout much of the previous season, Lee was delighted that the Rams faithful have remained loyal and supportive.

“I have seen different fans in stadiums that I have gone to, but I still think that the ones that are more organized and disciplined is actually our own Rams, the unofficial Woodlands Wellington FC supporters group," she said.

“I enjoyed the camaraderie because we know very well the club did not do very well last season, but even if they lose we still cheer for them.

"The most important thing is we are here to support the players.”