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The auditions for the S.League Superbabes was held at Jalan Besar Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

By Kenneth Tan

After the experiment of the pilot project in the second half of 2012, the S.League Superbabes will be back this year to wow the crowds at the Great Eastern-Yeo’s S.League.

The auditions for this year’s batch were held at the home of Singapore football, Jalan Besar Stadium, on Sunday afternoon with a bunch of hopefuls turning up.

The large room located on the second level, usually reserved for press conferences for football matches, was transformed into an audition room for passionate performers vying to be selected as part of the Superbabes group.

Girls ranging from the ages of 15 to 24 came dressed to the nines and well-prepared with dance routines to impress the judges, as they attempted to convince them that they could entertain and engage the spectators at games.

The judges included chief operation officer of entertainment firm AzVox Group, Andre Anchak, and S.League Director of Operations Kok Wai Leong.

The songs selected for their dances were mostly from the Korean pop genre, which was no surprise considering most of the acts last season were tailored to K-pop music.

The girls were also put through a series of questions by the panel of judges to test their eligibility to be a Superbabe, such as whether they were able to perform with poms-poms and do high kicks, which seems to indicate they are set to be a main component of the performances this year.

“It was quite a nerve-wrecking experience,” said Sylvia Foo, the first girl chosen to enter the auditions room.

“I wasn’t really prepared for their questions such as my opinions regarding performing with pom-poms and whether I did cheerleading before.”

The 20-year-old SIM Business Management student, who has three years of dance experience, revealed that she was also part of the first batch of Superbabes and particularly relished that experience.

“It was a great experience being part of this last year,” she recalled. “I made lots of friends and learnt many things – it’s very different to dance on a field than on the stage where the interaction with the audience is harder.”

“I was really nervous,” echoed Cherin Kay, the youngest participant amongst the girls.

The 15-year-old Nanyang Secondary student, who started dancing since Primary 5, was hopeful that her exuberance of youth will give her the edge over the other participants.

“I did perform in front of crowds before, but only in a group,” she explained. 

"Even then, I was trembling a lot. I didn’t know I was the youngest here, hopefully that’ll be an advantage for me!”

Despite being caught in the heavy downpour, Eekie Teo showed how much the auditions meant to her by rushing over to make it minutes before the registration closed.

The 19-year-old Republic Polytechnic student, who finished in the top 16 in the TVN K-pop star hunt last year, was part of the group last year and strived to do better this time round.

“There were a lot of regrets last year,” she revealed. “For our standard, we can do a lot of better in terms of practice and synchronization. I think everyone can feel it, including the audience.”

“There were a lot of regrets last year,” she revealed. “For our standard, we can do a lot of better in terms of practice and synchronization. I think everyone can feel it, including the audience.”

At the end of the day, the judges were happy with how things wrapped up and are optimistic that the selected girls will wow S.Leagues crowds in the upcoming season.

“We’re looking at the X-factor of each girl and also their commitment apart from their natural talent," Andre explained.

"We are also thinking about introducing more different types of dance styles for them this year.”

“Football is not only a game,” Kok added.

“It’s also a business and entertainment. There are periods before or in between games where the crowds have nothing to do, thus we’re looking at ways to keep them entertained.

"There were mixed reviews last year and I’m sure they’ll be stronger and more exciting this year. Most importantly, they need to smile at all times and perform with gusto.”