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The recent win at the 2012 AFF Championship boosts the Lions standings but Vietnam remain the region's top ranked team

After dropping to their lowest ever placing of 163 in October's rankings, Singapore have bounced back to climb up the ladder.

The 2012 AFF Champions reached their highest placing since March of 2012 and are now ranked 154th in the world together with Liechtenstein.

With a combined points total of 146 points, Singapore are now the fourth best team in the Asean region with Vietnam, who exited the recent AFF Championship at the group stage, being the highest ranked, followed by Thailand and Philippines.

Japan are Asia's top team with the Lions being the 24th best. Rivals Malaysia who were knocked out that semi-final stage are ranked 158th.

World champions Spain are the highest ranked team in the world with Germany, Argentina, Italy and Colombia rounding off the top 5. England remain in sixth place.