Lee Lim Saeng happy with Home United's pre-season preparations

Having assembled a new-look squad for the 2013 S.League season, the Korean is pleased with how pre-season work has been going for the Protectors.
By Teng Kiat

“Indra! Why didn’t you pass here? He was free!” Home United coach Lee Lim Saeng bellowed from the sidelines, as he explained to striker Indra Sahdan how he could have played a ball to a teammate in a better position.

However, as he turned around to glance at assistant coach Akihiro Nakamura on the bench, the Korean wore a smile and not an expression of frustration, as one might have expected.

Speaking to Goal.com Singapore about the Protectors’ pre-season preparations after their goalless draw with SAFFC in a friendly at St. Wilfrid’s yesterday evening, it became clear why the 41-year-old was in a good mood.

“I am very happy to see my players [back in action],” Lee said.

“The team is going on the right track; we have discipline, we work together [and] I hope they [can] keep it up.”

The former South Korean international was evidently happy about how his players were progressing in their preparations so far, as he explained how they were adapting to his instructions.

“We [have] watched the DVDs [of previous games] and I also showed them demonstrations [of tactics during training]; now, they try to understand [my plans] which I am very happy about,” Lee explained.

Lee also revealed more about the Protectors’ ten-day training trip to South Korea next month, where they will have to endure testing winter conditions while playing.

“We are going to Jeju Island in Korea on January 5. We will play friendly matches against K-League 1 and 2 teams, and we will play four games [in total],” he said.

“But I don’t care about results; I [just] hope the players get confidence from playing against stronger teams.”