Arema (ISL) look to Singaporean Muhammad Ridhuan to fill Asian quota

With the shortage of Asian foreign players in the team, the Indonesia Super League side is looking to attract the services of the Singaporean winger
Muhammad Ridhuan could ply his services with Indonesian Super League side Arema (ISL) next season.

Having played in the Indonesian Premier League with Arema (IPL) last season, the 28-year-old could move to the rival Super League next season.

With the delay in the pre-season preparations of Arema (IPL), Arema (ISL) has swooped in to establish communication with Ridhuan.

The current Arema (ISL) side is suffering from a lack of Asian foreign players. After failing to get the four players they targeted - Rohit Chand (Nepal), Ebrahim Loveinian (Iran), Naser Al Sebai (Syria), and Kwon Jun (South Korea), AreMa (ISL) are also likely to lose Safee Sali to Darul Takzim FC next season.

Although coach Rahmad Darmawan has always maintained the stance that the team is strong enough without any new Asian foreign players, the current situation still invoked much curiousity among the Arema fans on who are the likely ones to be brought in.

Ridhuan’s name has surfaced with fanaticals from Arema’s supporters club, Aremania, constantly advocating for him to be brought in.

The charm and style of play associated with the Singaporean winger has had fans smitten since his arrival at Arema (ISL) in season 2009/2010.

When contacted by Indonesia, Arema general manager Cronous Ruddy admitted he has been in contact with Ridhuan who is currently in back in Singapore.

However he is keen to state that it is merely fraternal relations between their families which keeps them in constant communication.

"Me and Ridhuan have been like siblings. We live in the same housing complex, that’s why we established a good relationship,” Ruddy said in evasion.

"I still can’t say he’ll be offered a contract. Let's see just what the future holds."

This situation has fuelled rumors of Ridhuan heading to Arema (ISL) with the winger reportedly skipping Arema (IPL)’s pre-season training session.