Philippines go to great lengths for Singapore visit

Not used to hosting international football matches,the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) who oversee sports facilities for the city, are going to great lengths to get the venue ready
     By Bhas Kunju

Singapore will be playing the Philippines on November 15 in Cebu City, and the hosts have already begun their preparations for the hugely anticipated match.

“As well as promoting the CCSC, this match, being the city’s first international football game, will also promote Cebu City and that is what is important,” said CCSC manager Ricky Ballesteros to the

The CCSC will be forking out some PHP100,000 (S$2976), for renovation works. The shower and locker rooms will be refurbished with the shower rooms fitted with new shower heads and lockers.

Philippines coach Hans Michael Weiss had inspected the facilities and deemed it necessary to have a clean shower area.

Singapore will be using the gymnastics room where a temporary wall will be erected and a new air conditioning unit installed.

To ensure the field is in the best condition for the match, the CCSC have had to turn down several requests for use of the field. However the discuss throw and javelin events at the Cebu City Olympics will still be held at the field.