Kick Like a Girl Football Fiesta 2012 to encourage participation in football

The inaugural football event initiated by Arion Football Academy Women's Team hopes to raise awareness and participation in women's football from a young age
     By Afifah Ariffin

Earlier this year, Arion Football Academy Women’s Team entered the One Dream Contest. Their one dream was to develop women’s football in Singapore. The girls eventually won the contest and are now sharing their love for the game by organizing KICK LIKE A GIRL FOOTBALL FIESTA 2012.

The event is strictly girls only, inviting young girls from the ages of 8 to 12 to participate in a fun-filled session where they will be taught football skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, goal-keeping and 1-v-1 techniques, and also have a chance to play a series of 5-aside matches in a tournament.

Arion Women's team captain, Sheau Shyan, believes that this is an excellent platform for young girls to play and learn about the sport. Speaking to she said: “We decided to target girls because young boys have a lot of opportunities everywhere else. There are plenty of football academies and school programs that are catered for boys.”

“For girls, the sport is not really very well promoted and they don’t have chance to play in a not so threatening environment. It’s pretty intimidating for them to play together with the boys. This provides them with the chance enjoy the sport more.”

She also added: “We have to start from the grassroots and create awareness about football from a young age. It would have been better to start earlier but we figured that the age group (8 to 12-year-olds) we’ve targeted would be more manageable.”

Currently, the response hasn’t been very encouraging. “Perhaps it’s because there hasn’t been as much promotion as we’ve hoped for. We hope that schools, clubs and everyone else who are interested in football to help promote this event!”

The event takes place next Sunday, on the 18th November 2012. While the actual event takes place from 4-6pm, participants are encouraged to be early and register by 3.30pm. They are also advised to be in suitable sports attire, covered footwear (boots not required) and to bring a water bottle.

KICK LIKE A GIRL FOOTBALL FIESTA 2012 is a free event for all and the first 80 participants (including those who sign up online) will receive event t-shirts.


Date: 18th Nov 2012

Time: 4pm – 6pm (3.30pm registration)

Venue: Turfcity THE CAGE 11-aside field 3

Note to participants: Please be in attire suitable for physical activity.Football cleats are not necessary but covered footwear is recommended for safety.
Please be well hydrated and bring along a water bottle.

**For GIRLS ONLY, age 8 – 12 years**

Bring your friends along and enjoy the start of your school holidays learning and playing the beautiful game!