Tore Andre Flo: Chelsea are the best team at the moment

Speaking exclusively to Singapore, the former Chelsea striker believes the Blues have what it takes to win the English title.
By Kenneth Tan

Standing at all of 1.93m, Tore Andre Flo may tower over most Singaporeans and seem intimidating.

However the former Chelsea forward proved a treat with the kids at the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) yesterday afternoon.

Flo, along with Stephane Henchoz and Michael Mols, dropped by the facility as part of the side events arranged for the EPL Masters Football Cup.

In the hour-long event, the three players brought the kids through a series of simple football drills with Flo clearly being the most popular one of the trio.

Showing the heading prowess that he became famed for, he drew the most cheers and impressed the 30 to 40 kids present with his ability to 'seal-dribble' with a football.

Eventually the kids went home happy having learned something from the trio while collecting autographs of the players, not least Flo.

"I think it’s really nice to be here in Singapore, everyone seems to be smiling and that makes me feel welcomed!" he told Singapore after the event.

The 39-year-old recently retired from professional football in August after spending the last two years at Sogndal, the club which kickstarted his career.

He is now back at Chelsea with a coaching role for the Academy team from U-15 level onwards. According to him, the four years spent at Stamford Bridge was the high point of his 20-year long football career.

"I think it has been a good career for me so far, I played until 39. The best time of it was at Chelsea and I really enjoyed my time there," he said.

"The highlight of my club career is definitely scoring two goals against Barcelona in the 1999/2000 Champions League while for my country Norway, it was our victory over Brazil in the World Cup 1998."

The inevitable question of 'Who will win the English title this season", came along and Flo naturally endorsed his former side.

"They're looking good so far, they're the best team at the moment. Anyway I just hope to see more Chelsea fans here because I still see a lot of Liverpool and Manchester United shirts being worn!" he joked.

Flo is part of the EPL Legends All-Star team who will participate in the EPL Masters Football Cup on Sunday.

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