Fandi Ahmad: It's all about the passion

The Singapore legend explained that it took a quality team, and plenty of effort to bring the crowds back to support local teams
     By Bhas Kunju
Chief Editor, Singapore

Former Singapore international Fandi Ahmad will be in action on Sunday with the Dream Team at the EPL Masters event.

Speaking to Singapore on the event, Fandi, pointed out that it was sheer passion that keeps driving fans back to players of his generation.

"Yes, it's healthy to remember those players who have served the country, just  like the Liverpool, Manchester United players," replied the Singapore legend when asked the continuing trend of promoting past glories was healthy for Singapore football.

"Football then is different from now," he explained.

"Before it was all about passion. During our days. in the 1970s and 80s, we didn't play for money, it was passion. But now it's different and I think the players then are more committed then now."

Fandi continued to reiterate that the key difference was the total devotion that fans gave the local teams prior to the invasion of European football, which in his opinion, accounts for the stronger attachment by fans to players of his generaton.

"I sincerely say to you it's about the passion," added Fandi.

"Fans and crowds say they support the team but now there's EPL, Italian and German football. So people can choose. During our days there are not so many matches televised but people still came to the stadium.

"If you have a good team, good personality in the team, the support will always be there and of course the structure is most important."

When asked if Singapore football will ever be able to see such days of fan commitment to local teams, Fandi advised: "It takes time [to go back to that stage again]. It takes time, it takes proper development. It takes a quality team to bring fans to the stadium. If you don't have quality, no one will come to see you."

The EPL Masters event will be held on Sunday October 14 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets can purchased via Sistic website at