FAS statement on recent comments by Raddy

Seeking clarification over his recent comments about the S-League, the Football Association of Singapore met up with Raddy and have determined that he did not criticise the league

Further to our statement issued on 11 September 2012, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today announced that its officials have met up with national coach Radojko Avramovic to discuss the recent comments attributed to him.
FAS Vice-President Lim Kia Tong and General Secretary Winston Lee had, over the past few days, reviewed the information, including the transcript of the media interview, submitted by our officials who were in Yangon, Myanmar, and had also sought clarification from coach Raddy.
“We have ascertained the actual context in which the published comments were made, and we are of the view that Raddy did not criticise the S.League. During the interview, Raddy had pointed out on at least three occasions that his main concern comes from injuries to his players,” said Mr Lim, who is also the chairman of the FAS Excellence Committee.
“One of Raddy’s key points made during the interview is that continuity is particularly important in youth development: Continuity in the context that our youth players must stay in the game and continually progress from the youth and club levels to the international stage, as well as to be exposed continuously to international matches – both at the club and national levels. Only then will we see an increase in the number of exceptional young players, like Hariss Harun, who have the potential and ability to play in Europe.

“Raddy did not mean that no good players are coming from the ranks of our youth development structure. As the national coach, he has said that all players for the National Team must be at least good or very good, otherwise they would not be in the National Team. During the interview, he was however talking about "exceptional young" players from the S.League going into the National Team. While Raddy described Hariss as the only "exceptional young"  player he has selected for the National Team so far from the S.League, it should be noted that he often singled out good young players in the S.League with the potential to succeed but yet to achieve the tag of "exceptional young" player,” Mr Lim added.

Mr Lee said: “We are happy to note that coach Raddy had made clear during the pre-match press conference in Yangon that the target for us in the Suzuki Cup 2012 competition is to reach the final.”

He added: “FAS remains committed to our target for the Suzuki Cup and we look forward to the continued support of our fans and the media. We will continue to support coach Raddy and the national team to the best of our abilities as they prepare for the tournament which kicks off in two months’ time.”