‘It’s a penalty, definitely a penalty!' - Bok after his side's narrow win over Woodlands

The Warriors coach felt referee W.Ravisanthiran had a personal issue with forward Karoglan

‘It’s a penalty, definitely a penalty!” said a furious Richard Bok after SAFFC's victory against Woodlands Wellington.

Towards the end of the game, Miroslav Karoglan was brought down in the box by Ahmadulhaq Che Omar but referee W. Ravisanthiran waved play on, much to the frustration of the Warriors bench.

That was not the only incident in the game that the referee denied Karoglan a penalty as Bok felt that the referee had an agenda against his Croatian striker.

“The referee cannot be personal. Last time, yes he got something (personal) with Kari but he cannot be personal about it (in this game). The first incident maybe it is 50-50 but the second one is a penalty.” said a disgruntled Bok.

After calming himself down, Bok spoke about his team's performance and their first victory since the three consecutive defeats prior to this match.

“I thought we had a good game just that we are a bit shaky at the back especially in the first half and Woodlands also have a couple of good chances.”

“Overall, I feel we created more chances and I think we need to be more clinical in front of goals and be better at the back otherwise opponent may just put one in against us just like that, as we saw today.”

Commenting on the goal that they conceded, Bok felt that it was a result of a defensive lapse at the back: “I think that our player is out of position and they played a quick one-two and then the goal went in. Like I said, if you give away the ball, it may result in goals for the other side.”

For Woodlands assistant coach Clement Teo, there was not much that he could say as it was the same match after match this season for his players.

Teo was not a happy man as he lamented the constant lack of clinical finishing by his players: “It’s a good performance from my players. One half which I felt we did not take our chance but in the second half, I think we could have done better.”

“Only towards the last few minutes we manage to score. In a game of football if you do not take your chances, this will happen.”

Although his team had lost, Teo felt that his side was the better of the two and could have even taken all three points had thins gone their way.

“We had probably had four shots on target before SAFFC score their first goal and we played well and according to our game plan but we just could not score. It is frustrating for everyone including the player.”

“We could have won the game, if we had taken our chances.”