2012 Singapore National Games football competitions plagued by no-shows

The inaugural national games start this weekend but the preliminary football competitions started a week earlier with many participating teams failing to show
The inaugural Singapore National Games (SNG) 2012 officially commences on Saturday, September 1, 2012, with the preliminary rounds for football having started on Friday, August 24, 2012 in the Women’s (Open) and Men’s (Open and Masters) category.

Although there were plenty of smiles and scenes of joy each time the referee blew the final whistle marking a team’s progress to the next round, there was also the sight of those who were left waiting for their opponents.

In the Men’s Open category, there were three walkovers in the ‘Round of 32’ and Siglap CSC and Cashew were disqualified from the Round of 16 Plate Draw.

It was a similar scene in the Men’s Masters category as the 1st Round saw three matches being decided via walkover and Chong Pang CSC ‘B’ and Paya Lebar CSC being thrown out of the competition for a no-show altogether.

The Women’s Open also had its share of walkover as four teams won their 1st Round matches via default while Chua Chu Kang CSC and Jalan Besar Princess Club by-passed the 1st round and semi-finals and headed straight into the final as their opponents were all disqualified.

But despite the negativity plaguing the inaugural games, the participants were clearly enjoying themselves as much as those watching the games from the stands.

It was a family occasion over at the Gombak stadium with one team boasting of players from two generations.

“My family and I are here to support my husband and my son, who are playing for Siglap SCS," said Nora, 46.

"We’re a big soccer family and we’re part of a club where my husband is a coach, I help out with the admin work, and my son and three daughters all play the game as well. We definitely are look forward to watching more of the SNG.”

The game also gave a chance to the seniors to not only stay fit but also have an opportunity to get together with their peers and enjoy the beautiful game.

“Winning or losing is not important; it’s the chance to bond with my friends of different races and play as a team that is essential," said Fadial J., of Bukit Batok Grandpa (Football Men’s Master).

"It’s good to see people from all walks of life playing and supporting the SNG together and it should be held every year, so that people like us will have more chances to play football and be active.”

The full results can be viewed here